Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Working Wednesday: September 15

Since I last wrote I haven't made much that I can sell. By that I mean, I've gotten things done, but most of it was just prep work.
I did finish two diapers; a purple and pink sleeve diaper, and a red pocket diaper. I made another purple pocket diaper but haven't put the snaps on yet. I got 3 inserts completed, and loads more cut and ready to sew.
I got the outsides cut for 13 fitted diapers, and the soakers for several of them cut as well. Now I just need to cut the insides and put everything together! I will have Newborn, Small, and Mediums in pink and blue then. The cutting is the tedious part for me. I'll be glad when that's done!
Soon I will be able to stock my store really well.
I've also got plans to go to the local Farmers Market and try to convert the locals to cloth!
I almost forgot! I ordered some business cards yesterday! Can't wait for them to come in!

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