Friday, September 24, 2010

Fun Friday!

My kids have no idea I'm taking them to Tweetsie Railroad tomorrow!!! Maybe I better find some sunglasses so we don't get cinders in our eyes!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Trck or Treat with me!

Go to to register for tons of great prizes from WAHMs, including me!

Working Wednesday: September 22

This week was the week of the fitted diapers! If I can get my sewing machine to cooperate, I will have 3 more done by tonight, making a total of 13 diapers completed this week. If not, then 10. After I finish that, I will do a couple more nursing covers and some pocket and sleeve diapers. Then I will be out of fabric until my new prints come in! I am so excited to be getting Ooga Boogas, Ice Giraffes, and Chickadees for the outside of lots of pocket and sleeve diapers! I will try and post a pic later of the finished (and unfinished fitted diapers from this week.
I also made a diaper bag and some training pants...

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Working Wednesday: September 15

Since I last wrote I haven't made much that I can sell. By that I mean, I've gotten things done, but most of it was just prep work.
I did finish two diapers; a purple and pink sleeve diaper, and a red pocket diaper. I made another purple pocket diaper but haven't put the snaps on yet. I got 3 inserts completed, and loads more cut and ready to sew.
I got the outsides cut for 13 fitted diapers, and the soakers for several of them cut as well. Now I just need to cut the insides and put everything together! I will have Newborn, Small, and Mediums in pink and blue then. The cutting is the tedious part for me. I'll be glad when that's done!
Soon I will be able to stock my store really well.
I've also got plans to go to the local Farmers Market and try to convert the locals to cloth!
I almost forgot! I ordered some business cards yesterday! Can't wait for them to come in!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Whose Team are You On?

A very smart woman (my mother) said today, God and Satan could be considered in a game together. If you are at a ball game you cheer your team on. You are loud, and exuberant, and really care who wins and how well they are doing. Christians are on God's team, right? So... Do you cheer when He does something for you? Or do you take it for granted? To really be cheering for His team, we need to be more gung-ho than most of us are. I know I could work on my cheerleading!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Working Wednesday: September 1

This week I think I actually did all I set out to do. I made two nursing covers, five inserts, one pocket diaper and started one and finished another, 4-6 wipes/washcloths, and created a pattern for and made 3 medium fitted diapers! Here is a picture of some of it. I already found homes for the wipes, inserts, pocket diaper, and two fitted diapers before I took the picture! What a productive week!

I hope next week I can do this well again. My plans are: two sleeve diapers, three fitted diapers, and two nursing covers. And the inserts for the sleeve diapers as well. If you like the things you see here, visit my Facebook page by clicking the pixie!