Wednesday, August 17, 2011

I AM still here. :)

I should be asleep right now but this is more fun. Just popping in to say I am still here and still sewing. I am waiting on my tags to arrive, but until then I am cutting out diapers and putting some of the snaps on them. I have 12-13 OS diapers ready for tags right now. I can't go much further on them until I get tags though. Did I mention how impatient I am?
Anyway, I am thrilled, because I have been sending out lots of packages lately!
Hopefully I can sell at the Farmers Market sometime soon... maybe once more this month, and then I'll be at a local festival next month one day... I've got my online stores open all the time though, except when I am selling at a festival or the Farmers Market: then my stores are on vacation so I don't sell things I only have one of, twice. If you are local email me for a free shipping coupon code on my Hyenacart store, good til the end of this month. pixiefluffbiz @  without the spaces.

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