Saturday, October 2, 2010

Busy Thursday!

Well, Thursday was a big day! I cleaned a little, and then right after lunch my best friend since forever called and said she was in labor and in the hospital!
I knew I had a little time, as this is her first baby and her contractions weren't really hurting yet.  So I dropped my son off with my mom. Then I  picked my daughter up from school, took her with me to pick up a serger sewing machine, and then dropped her off with her aunt. Then the baby and I drove to the hospital. I had to take the baby because she refuses to take a bottle or eat baby food- she truly believes the Breast is Best!
I got to the hospital at about 3:30. Contractions were 3 minutes apart and hurting more, but not awful. The IV drip contained saline solution and Pitocin. And she was having back labor. As it started to hurt more, I convinced her to sit on the exercise ball and I pushed on her lower back with my fists, which my husband had done to me when I had my back labor with my oldest baby. Her husband cupped her knees so I wouldn't push her off the ball. (Ha ha!) At one point, she got some Stadol injected into her IV but she said it didn't help her with the pain, just made her a little loopy. At 6:00 she was 6 cm. At 7:00 she was ready to push! she pushed from 7:05 to 7:40 or so and out came her perfect little boy!
I have never been in the room for any delivery not my own, so this was all very new for me! It brought a few tears to my eyes! They are going to be wonderful parents.
My daughter (she's 4) wanted to be there for the birth so she stayed on the phone with me the whole time- I told her it was just like being there... My other daughter, the one I had to take with me (5 1/2 months old) was remarkably well behaved! I only had to leave the room once or twice with her, to feed her. Although at 5:30 or so my friend's husband did take over the back-pushing... But that's good. It was his job anyway! :)
I got home just a little after my kids' bedtime- lights out!

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